Vocational Incubator

A unique vocational program for individuals entitled to a rehabilitation basket.

It is designed for professionals and individuals with a professional orientation who have knowledge or talent - does not require a certificate.

The goal is to promote a profession while building a career ladder, accruing work experience and personal empowerment.

The mentoring process begins with registration of the applicant, aligning expectations and a professional assessment, through which the applicant’s talents are identified. They are then directed on how to advance in the process of bridging the gaps. This may mean directing them to immediately begin the job search process or perhaps directing them to additional studies and performing an internship, before advancing towards finding a job.

One of the major advantages of the program - continued mentoring after a job has been found.

What is special about this mentoring?

  • Combination of physical and virtual meetings.
  • Accessibility and transparency of the full work program.
  • High availability throughout all stages in the process.
  • Professional assessment by an expert in the professional field.
  • Assistance in bridging the gaps identified.
  • Help obtaining funding through the voucher program.



Taasukanet is a program run jointly by Makshivim Net and the municipal vocational centers operated by social services, at this point in Tel Aviv and Ashdod. The program will soon be launched in additional vocational centers.


As part of the program, we will provide mentoring to help members of the population currently known to social services or who will potentially need their services find jobs. We provide a response to their needs through online tools, adapting the use of the tools according to habits of the individual receiving the service.

The online platform also offers flexibility and adapts to the needs of the client. It is an intense relationship that is directed towards helping them find a job. The client is mentored by an expert vocational counselor who can help direct them towards finding the desired job.

The program is designed for people between the ages of 18-60 with vocational barriers.

It is a 12-week program that includes individual online sessions and use of the center's infrastructure, if necessary.


Advantages of the program: discrete relationship, independence, intensity, ability to be open when sitting across from a monitor and alleviation of anxiety in real time.



Voucher Program

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services provides partial funding for professional training and courses.

People eligible for a rehabilitation basket can receive assistance in numerous and diverse fields: construction and environment, transportation, cooking, computers, graphics, nursing, electronics, manicure/pedicure and much, much more.

Makshivim Net provides personal mentoring services to help individuals receive the funding and find work in their profession on the free market.

The mentoring process includes creating a personal development program that relates to education, career and occupation, finding a profession through understanding of the skills, abilities and needs, in order to successfully complete the course and be successful on the job.

During the course, individuals will continue to receive mentoring through Makshivim Net, either for social issues or study skills. Close to the end of the course, the process of finding an appropriate job will begin.



Online Vocational Rehabilitation - Shatar

A two-year pilot designed for people who have been recognized as having a disability of at least 20% by the National Insurance Institute and who are eligible for vocational rehabilitation.

The pilot had a 63.8% success rate in job placement on the free market.

The Shatar model is made up of several phases and begins with the individual’s application to the rehabilitation workers at the National Insurance Institute. The rehabilitation worker makes the initial contact with the Shatar program to check compatibility. Only then does initial communication with the client begin. The client learns about the system and shares expectations.

After accepting the client, a personalized rehabilitation program is created. Program staff help the client search for a job, prepare a resume and even provide personal mentoring throughout the process, including in the interview itself and even after a job has been found.

Shatar advantages:

  • High accessibility and availability for the client.
  • Connection with others who undergoing in the same process.
  • Full communication with the service recipient until they actively participate in the program.
  • Strong relationship between the coordinator and the service recipient.
  • Mentoring includes online discussions: Individual, group vocational workshops, mentoring while employed.



For people with any type of disability the process of finding a job is frequently quite complex. They often are afraid of how a potential employer will react or fear rejection, and employers may lack the tools they need to support the process of employing a person with disabilities.

In addition to existing stigmas, job seekers with disabilities are all different, and each requires specific conditions and accommodations to allow them to find a job and succeed.

To improve this situation and increase the number of placements, Makshivim Net developed and operates an online job board, designed specifically for people with disabilities. The site is open solely to people with disabilities, and its purpose is to give them an advantage when reaching out to potential employers.

  • The website makes it simple to look for a job.
  • All of the positions posted on the job board are suitable for people with disabilities.
  • Job seekers can search for jobs by field, geographic region and hours required.
  • The website also allows employers to post jobs and search for employees with disabilities. Furthermore, it provides employers with information on benefits to which they may be entitled and on what they can do to promote successful integration in the company.