The Parliament - support group for seniors

Loneliness due to the loss of loved ones is one of the most common reasons for deterioration of the health of seniors. At this stage in life, it is advisable to make new friends who have common interests.

We offer online support groups for group activities that are divided by topic.

Professionals with the appropriate expertise and experience in the given field will facilitate the groups. Group facilitators will receive regular training.

The ultimate goal: physical meetings, particularly for seniors.

Online support groups to promote a healthy lifestyle

It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, we may lack some knowledge and we frequently fail and do not achieve our goals. It is much easier to make a change in lifestyle with another person, with a support group.

We offer online support groups, divided by subject. Each group will be led by an experienced facilitator, who will receive regular training from an appropriate professional.

After establishing the groups, individuals will be able to join independently or with the help of a mentor. Users will be divided into appropriate groups, with each group setting goals. Together, group members will work to achieve their objectives, and data will be collected and processed.

Together, participants help each other deal with their difficulties.